These super easy vampire biscuits were so much fun to make that even the littlest cook into our family couldn’t wait to sink her teeth into them. Sorry, couldn’t resist a vampire pun!

This isn’t really a recipe post – more of a making post. We were so excited to get to the decorating stage, that we didn’t make our biscuits from scratch this time. Instead we bought some pre-made cookie dough from the supermarket so we had all the fun of rolling out the dough and baking it ourselves, but none of the mess. Believe me, the mess bit comes later!

If you do feel like baking your own cookies, then be my guest. This classic Nigella recipe has always worked well for me.

We also took a shortcut with the red/icing frosting as we a bit worried about getting the consistency right for the purposes of demonstration, so we bought some pre-made strawberry frosting too.


  • As many cookies as you would like, measuring 5-7 cms wide (2 per vampire biscuits per creation required)
  • Icing/frosting
  • Red food colouring
  • Mini marshmallows (white ones only – the pink ones got eaten by my little helpers)
  • Flaked almonds

We started by rolling our cookie dough into a log shape and cutting the the dough into discs. Ten minutes later, we had a batch of 20 deliciously chewy cookies cooling on the side whilst we got on with adding as much red food colouring to our frosting as we thought we could get away with.

Dracula Biscuits 1

Dracula Biscuits 2

Tip – we mixed the red food colouring with about half of the frosting, keeping some back to act as ‘cement’ in the middle of the biscuit.

The decoration part needs little explanation. A thin layer of the red icing makes a gruesome looking base. Add a circle of white mini marshmallows, drop a little frosting in the middle of the circle to help fill the gap, and top with a second iced biscuit.

Dracula Biscuits 3

Dracula Biscuits 4

Dracula Biscuits 5

Dracula Biscuits 6

To make your biscuits look truly gruesome, add some flaked almonds as fangs and paint some extra red food colouring on a couple of the ‘teeth’ to look like blood.

Soven Amatya Weddings Stomped_0176

This fun decorating session is quick and easy and the results are spectacularly spooky and perfect for even the littlest of cooks. I’m hoping to take some along to the next school bake session to get myself some extra cool mummy points.