Last year, my book club read the much exulted Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. By the time I read it, I had only heard good things: Best book ever, couldn’t put it down – you know, that sort of hyperbole review. I was expecting big things, but to be honest I was a little deflated – I found the central characters annoying (I know, they are supposed to be) and the story a little too long winded.

Then, among all the hype, Hollywood Royalty, Reese Witherspoon had read the manuscript and wanted to develop the film! Before we know it, the screen version is premiering, with the stellar cast of Rosamund Pike (Bond Girl) and Ben Affleck. I went to see it on Monday night and here are my thoughts.

Amy (Rosamund Pike) plays the crazy, confused, scorned Amy to perfection. In the film, she is definitely portrayed as the ‘weird one’. She is both beautiful, crazy and intriguing. In contrast, Nick (Ben Affleck) is played as the guy who is trapped, and although he isn’t a perfect male specimen, his comeuppance seems somewhat unjust, and the film lends a lot of sympathy to his character.

The only part I found disappointing, was that Amy’s parents are very minor characters, and both Nick and Amy have little interaction with them, and although the Amazing Amy storyline is touched on, it is never fully explored. Personally, I found this a major theme in the book.


(Image: Entertainment Weekly)

The film, as you would expect, is full of suspense, and there are real moments where you inhale sharply and cover eyes. There is also a particularly gruesome bit, which I cannot tell you about as I was hiding behind my coat. The film is also staccatoed with some very funny one liners – personally I felt the film really needed it as otherwise it would have been too long to get to the denouement.

Do I recommend you go and see it? Yes! I went with a group of girlfriends and we all enjoyed it, I think it is also thrilling enough for husbands to enjoy it as well. It is beautifully filmed – you can’t help but have a little house envy for the Lake House and the ‘mc House’! I rarely say this, but I actually think the film is better than the book.

Finally, you also get to see Ben Affleck’s bottom – so if that is not reason enough …