I created this Dinosaur Garden for my son, Rocco, who is currently very much into dinosaurs. The dinosaurs could very easily be swapped for unicorns or fairies or other pink things if you have a little girl gardener in your family….so read on all!

We spent a lovely afternoon in the garden. This is a great little, easy to do project that encourages imaginative play and the gentle care of their own plants.

What you need:

A pot, some compost or potting soil, some rocks or pebbles, an assortment of succulents – the spikier the better, some plastic dinosaurs.



Dino-3 Dino-4

I love, love, love succulents anyway but they are especially good not only for their unique look but also because theyare extremely hardy, they like a lot of sun and not much water and they are just so interesting for little ones to look at. Some look as though they are covered in spider webs, others like shark teeth…all things that get young boys excited about gardening! They are also very affordable which is a bonus.


How we did it:

So I took a medium sized ceramic pot and layered the bottom of it with large pebbles, telling Rocco they were dinosaur fossils, their job being to help drainage of the soil.

Then the fun, mucky bit filling the pot with unfertilised compost, besides a hissy fit when I stopped the compost being eaten(!) my son LOVED this bit!


Then take your succulents, plant them and decorate with little pebbles as stepping stones, or perhaps a mini Stone Henge if you are feeling adventurous and then the dinosaurs.

Simple and effective.

Have a go – we would love to see snaps of your versions on our facebook page!



Be lovely!

Jordanna x