The Christmas holidays can be very much an indoor experience if the weather is against us. Here is an easy and festive craft project that will get you outside foraging and then indoors, in the warm, being creative.

Ok, the final result may be a cross between a basking shark and a reindeer, but viewed from the right angle, all is well.


You will need:

  • 2 toilet roll inners (these took me a while to gather, but by treating myself to a couple of extra sheets a day I got there in the end)
  • A ball of brown wool
  • PVA glue
  • Twigs – 5 straight ones for legs and neck and 2 fancy antler types
  • Eyes (make your own or buy a pack of googly ones)
  • A red nose
  • Small scissors to make holes for the twigs


Cut one of the rolls in half to make the head. Then coat the tubes with PVA glue and wrap your wool around them. Fluffy wool is great as they look more hairy. You can duck out of this bit and just paint them brown. You will need to leave them overnight on the radiator to dry so they are nice and strong.


Prepare your twigs.


Cut slits between the wool on the  big roll so that you can insert your legs and neck and then make some in the head for antlers and the neck.


Add eyes and the nose and there you go! You could add another antler style twig for a tail, but to be honest my poor Twiglet had had enough of being manhandled so I didn’t bother! He will be a bit wobbly looking, but I think this adds to his charm and Grandma will love it regardless!