For the last few months I have been tripping over – well lots of junk really – as my house is renovated. One big awkward thing in particular is my John Lewis Chandelier. A faithful old friend who used to hang in my bedroom of my old house until I moved here and has now been found redundant as I now have two separate light fittings in my bedroom that cried out for two matching chandeliers – oooooh get me! 🙂

Now my old friend has been offered to friends – no takers (no taste! 🙂 ) and might had gone to Emmaus – had I still had the electrical safety gumpf with it – but luckily I didn’t!

I say lucky because inspiration struck after a visit to Liberty’s at Christmas just for a nose around. I saw the most wonderful chandelier wrapped in rags of material and thought to myself – I can have one of those for my new nursery!

The old chandelier was the right size for Rocco’s new nursery and I knew it would add a certain something to the grey walled room. Yeay to not getting rid of the poor fella!

So as ever, I went wild. Collecting strips of material in fun and funky colours to be simply wound around the chandelier, tied and trimmed for a tidy finish. As no glue was involved this was easily a one day project. Shame we cannot say the same for my house. But hey, one day we will get there!

Here is a little how to in pictures – it really is very easy:

TMK Chandelier_001

TMK Chandelier_003

TMK Chandelier_002

TMK Chandelier_004

Here is my finished article – although I’ll ‘fess up my useless (at DIY) husband is yet to hang it as yet! Grrrrr… 🙂

TMK Chandelier_005

I can imagine this looking luxe in one shade of velvet, or fabulous in pink for a girlie bedroom or why not experiment with strings of beads for an eye catching conservatory or nursery light fitting?

Be lovely!

Jordanna x