Penny Hardie_0007

Us woofers are part of the family, right? I shall be speaking for all of us, and cats (I LOVE cats, especially when they run away, but I am not not supposed to chase them) and all the other creatures in your homes, but first I thought I would introduce myself. I am Mr Digger E Digby, Digby, Diggers or DigDog amongst other names that seem to vary depending on how well behaved I am.

I live with Penny (She Who Should Be Obeyed) and Jess. I would like to make it clear that SWSBO is not my mother despite what  she thinks. My mother was a Cairn terrier called Toto. Jess is not my sister, she is a spaniel who bosses me about, steals my toys and eats my food. I love them both to bits but I am not always sure they appreciate me as much as they should. I am a mongrel, well, a crossbreed to be posh,  mum was a Cairn terrier and my dad a Norfolk terrier. In my spare time I am available to be hired as a Paddington Bear lookalike at a very reasonable rate, but don’t make me wear the wellies as my legs are too short. Unfortunately my particular cross breed, although producing devilishly handsome dogs such as myself, doesn’t have a cool name like a ‘labradoodle’, ‘cockapoo’ or ‘springador’. My brother, Billy, lives in the same village. He lives with the vicar… but you would never know it of  my rampant sibling! (He’s the one of the left by the way.)

Digby and Billy

Anyway, as Canine Correspondent I shall be bringing you all sorts of news from the pet world and today I would like to talk about fleas.

This is just the time of year that they start to make an appearance and now is the time to take action against the jumpy little things.

Fleas are the sort of creature you don’t want in your home. I don’t like them much as they make me itch, and always seem to bite just where I can’t have a jolly good scratch, although it is pretty entertaining watching SWSBO getting in a state about the amount of scratching going on and trying to catch Jess and I for a squirt of nasty stuff on the back of the neck.

Cat fleas are the most commoin type of flea, but they do not restrict themselves just to cats, they will nibble at anything warm blooded. Their saliva is an allergen which is why they leave those nasty itchy lumps. What is scarey about them is how well they breed! One female flea can produce 400 to 500 offspring in her lifetime and they can live for more than 100 days without food… and they love living in your carpet! Females will consume fifteen times their own body weight in blood but can still manage to jump up to 20cm, which is 150 times their own height.

My point? Don’t foget to make sure we have that nasty squirty stuff on a regular basis… it’s not our fault if you get fleas!


Woofs and Wags!

Diggers Grrr