As the summer holidays draw to a close (…yippee, I mean boo hoo, oh come on you know we all feel the same by now!) I thought I’d bring you another easy and cheap tutorial for you to try at home.

Make them for your own pleasure or as easy ‘pets’/ gifts for friends. Whatever you do make sure you send us a snap if you do have a bash!

Although these little fellas can go outside, I would advise for a healthy, long and happy life that they would feel more at home on your windowsill holding your herbs or perhaps a matching geranium.

Flower Pot Pet-13


For your flower pot friend(s) you will need:

Kitchen Roll/ Old newspaper to protect your table

A flower pot

Acrylic Paint

A paint brush


Sturdy Card

A marker

Glue (the stronger the better…in its power not its whiff!)


How to bring your Flower Pot Pet to life:

I do apologise in advance for my photos today – I found myself without my usual hand model (my mum!) so it was kinda tricky to craft and photograph at the same time…still I hope you get the gist it really is super simple!

Step 1. Take your flower pot and lay on some kitchen roll or old newspaper.

Flower Pot Pet-1

Step 2. Decide what animal or critter you want to make and choose your colour accordingly. I made a ladybird so I plumped for traditional red ๐Ÿ™‚ ย Paint your plant pot and leave to dry.

Flower Pot Pet-2

Step 3. Take a marker pen and add the detail to the body – I decided on spots for my ladybird…

Flower Pot Pet-5

Step 4. Draw a head for your animal on a piece of sturdy card:

Flower Pot Pet-6

Step 5. Cut out your pet’s head:

Flower Pot Pet-7

Step 6. Colour in and glue into place around the rim of the flower pot:

Flower Pot Pet-8


Step 7. Leave to dry and then fill the lovely little lady with a plant or herb:

Flower Pot Pet-9


Step 8. Admire her and get all soppy like I did about her being lonely and then make her a friend! True story! ๐Ÿ™‚

I made my ladybird a bee to keep her company this time using decorative, fabric washi tape for the stripes instead of paint. Really anything goes. If you are brave enough to let the kids use spray paint then this would give an awesome finish and you could just add plastic eyes for added comedy value. Or if you are even braver/insane then you could let the kids loose with some devil’s sand aka glitter! Anything goes really. I pimped up my bee by adding wings – again just a piece of sturdy card glued on with strong glue.

Flower Pot Pet_0001

I hope you enjoyed this simple make it folks! Would love to see your efforts on our facebook page!

Bee lovely ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jordanna x

Mum Of One