Our regulars will remember that Caz Preston from All by Mama kindly guest posted for us for Valentine’s Day with a wonderful origami craft (See here). As Father’s Day is on the horizon, Caz has kindly written another post for us, and this time she is making Father’s Day Bunting!

All By Mama is an online shop, showcasing the wonderful talents of mothers who are combining their creative talents and the demands of motherhood! Pop over and have a look at the fabulous items on sale here. Caz’s shop can be found here.

This is so simple. I first made it because I had a 6 week old and a 2 year old and I ran out of time to go to the shops. I came up with this quick and creative, very easy, bunting cheat with the help of tiny hands!

You will need:

Card (corrugated/cereal boxes)
Colour Crayons/pens/pencils/paint
Hole Punch (don’t worry if you don’t have one)

Sellotape/blue-tac/sticky dots for displaying it
Optional glue & coloured paper for backing

Father's Day Bunting

Step 1:

With your little helpers, decorate one side of your card with creative colours and patterns. (If one side isn’t a light colour I recommend either painting it a light colour first or sticking paper on it.)


Step 2:

Decide what height you want your letters and draw a straight line ON THE BACK OF THE CARD so they all stay the same. Copy my letters EXACTLY because some need to be written backwards!!
(HAYTD are all normal PFERS are best backwards)


Step 3:

Chop the letters up roughly, then cut them out carefully around your pencil lines.

Step 4:

Add holes in your letters if you want them and create two holes at the top of each letter using a whole punch, biro pen or scissors (put card under the letter or something soft to help you make the holes if you don’t have a hole punch).


Step 5:

String your letters together and add a knot at one end so they don’t fall off. You can string each word separately or string all three words together.

Father's Day Bunting Step 6:

option 1

Complete and hang them on walls/doors/windows with your choice of fixing (e.g. Sellotape/white-tac/sticky dots)

father's day bunting

Option 2:

Attach each letter to bunting

Father's Day Bunting

And there you have it! Fabulous bunting for the special Dad in your life!

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