Panic! I now have a Boyfriend and therefore the pressure is on to find a perfect and inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day. Easy, you may think, just invest in a heart shaped muffin tin and follow one of Vix’s amazing cake recipes…. ah no, the BF is diabetic.

In my efforts not to kill him off on the most romantic day of the year I set about Pinterest for some ideas (do look at our great ideas board  here) and there it was. The perfect inexpensive gift for my man, a keen tea drinker, the heart shaped tea bag! Well, I thought about cutting and sewing heart shaped bags and then hit upon an altogether easier and just as effective a plan. So, here they are, Easy Valentine’s Teabags. Perfect for the morning breakfast tray, or popped into a sandwich box along with the heart shaped sarnies. Sewing skills at an all time basic!

They are easy enough for the kids to make as well, with a little help from you.

You will need:

2014-01-30_0001Cheap muslin

Some white embroidery thread or similar thin twine

Tea (loose is best, but the village shop didn’t have any)

Buttons, preferably heart shaped but certainly red

Cut a quite large circle in the muslin, about 15cm in diameter and then tack around the edge in a simple running stitch. Once all the way around draw the thread evenly to make a little bag.


Then add your tea. You could be a little saucy and add something with ginseng, but I went with good old Morning Breakfast. Draw up the string tight and tie it off so the tea cannot escape.


Now for the fancy bit! Add a little heart shaped button to the tied bag and leave the strings long so they can dangle over the edge of a cup and the bag can be removed without scalding. To the very end of the strings add another larger button.



There you are!  A tea bag for a cuppa made with love!



I went mad and decorated a small jar so that there is a day’s supply of fancy tea bags… but it is still early days!

Happy Valentines! Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for lots more easy ideas…..

Penny x

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