I’m not gonna lie – I hate scooping out pumpkins. H A T E. From the smell right down to the mess, and then a few days later the withering, decaying carcas, seeping it’s innards right out onto my window ledge or steps, overflowing off the plate that it was placed on. Gross.2013-09-19_0007

So, I had a little brainwave when I was hole punching some black card. Read on to view the wonderous idea in all it’s glory. I even surprise myself sometimes!


This bit TOTALLY depends on what you want to design. Think big and be prepared with at least 5 pieces of card, any colour really, I think black goes well with the theme.

A sharp pencil or biro.

Hole punch.


Pins, some with the ball heads and some without.

Your imagination!2013-09-19_0001 2013-09-19_0002 2013-09-19_0003


Take your pencil or biro and draw, or mark really, the faint outline of your design.

Take your card and hole punch as many holes as you can or want and then collect the dots from the dotcatcher underneath the hole punch.

Take a dot and a pin and add both to the faint design that you’ve drawn.

This really couldn’t be simpler and the children loved it, as did I, it was seriously therapeutic and EVERYBODY who saw them commented and wanted to know, quite simply, ‘HOW?’2013-09-19_0004 2013-09-19_0005 2013-09-19_0006 2013-09-19_0008 2013-09-19_0009


With special thanks to ANGEL’S FACE for providing the fabulous PETTISKIRT, TSHIRT & LEGGINGS that our model, Scarlett, is wearing.

If you have a go please send your images to Vix@TrulyMadlyKids.co.uk – we’d love to see and we’ll start a Halloween gallery.

Think big and reach for the stars (I get there by broom 😉 )

Vix x