Easter Crafting

It has been officially confirmed, I am a control freak.

We received our monthly craft box from Craft Merrily as part of our #Bostikbloggersclub #tots100 monthly challenge, the theme this month is Easter crafting. In front of us lie lots of multi coloured papers, various shapes of buttons, pipe cleaners, Blu Tack spray tak and I relinquish, under sufferance, complete control to the kids about what to make and how. It was difficult, really difficult, but I left them to it and came back to find a wonderful multi coloured Easter Egg on a sparkly background (to hang on the fridge apparently) and two cute clay bunnies to keep forever and ever.

Easter Bostik Bloggers

To see the kids happily sitting, creating their masterpieces, covering themselves in glue and glitter and cheerily chatting away means more than any perfectly crafted and choreographed project I could ever make.

Easter Bostik Bloggers

Instructions on how to make these projects are pretty simple and when I asked the rugrats to give me a step by step tutorial, they simple said to spray the glue on the paper and stick stuff to it. Ah, ok then! As for the bunny rabbits, they were rolled out of clay and copied from an idea on Pinterest (the kids are slightly more addicted to Pinterest than I am, if that is even possible!)

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Craft supplies were sent to use free of charge for us to take part in Bostik Bloggers 2016.

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