Easter Bonnet Crafting

I had one of those “what the hell have I been doing with my life?”moments recently when I visited a Hobbycraft store for the first time. I was there on a seemingly boring mission to buy some foamboard to mount photographs. Living in the wilds of the Isle of Skye is wonderful but it does lack a full on shopping experience and I had made a special trip to Inverness (4 hour round drive) just for this routine item that I needed urgently.

I’m pretty certain that I stood in the doorway of Hobbycraft utterly non plussed by the vast range of, let’s face it, pure craft and art porn for just the right amount of time to mark me out as a country bumpkin before I grabbed a basket and start shopping with gusto.

The first items that I leapt on were all the little bits to make for my 7 year old (who shares my passion for art and making) to craft an Easter bonnet. She was absolutely thrilled and spent 2 happy hours creating a just over the top enough hat one rainy Sunday afternoon. This special seasonal item would make a great activity either for Easter or for a small party. One ┬áhat each to make + snacks, a cat walk hat parade and a party bag = job done. You’re welcome.

*this isn’t a sponsored post I’m simply a new convert!

Easter bonnet, easter craft, hobbycraft
Easter bonnet, easter craft, hobbycraftEaster Bonnet TMK-3 Easter bonnet, easter craft, hobbycraft Easter bonnet, easter craft, hobbycraft Easter Bonnet TMK-6 Easter Bonnet TMK-7 Easter Bonnet TMK-8 Easter Bonnet TMK-9 Easter Bonnet TMK-10

All images: Rosie Woodhouse, Love Skye Photography



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