I am very lucky to live in the country, and even luckier to have friends who have a farm! Newlyns Farm is right on my doorstep and right now they are lambing. Each year they start some lambing at Christmas in time for Easter before the main season from March onwards. It has become a local treat during all the terrible weather to take families for a walk to see the newborns.

New born lambs are, without doubt, the cutest little creatures. They bound about right from a few days old and after a couple of weeks form cheeky and mischievous gangs that seem to torment their mothers. The lambs in these pictures are less than a week old and already one or two (Black Faced Number Three in particular) they have started gambolling. I spent a wonderful hour in the straw watching them play and feed before they settled down for a sleep – in fact it was so relaxing I could have curled up in the barn with them! As I went into the pen it was funny to see the lambs coming towards me, full of curiosity, and the ewes coming to let me know who was in charge! After about fifteen minutes they all relaxed and carried on as normal, eating, drinking and checking out each other.

As they are born, the shepherd numbers the ewe and the lambs so that they know who belongs to whom. Every now and again there are escapees and it also helps to reunite families. Ideally each ewe should have two lambs (she only has two teats) and any ‘spares’ will be adopted to those ewes with only one lamb, all things being well. Even in the short hour I was with them it was interesting to see the bonds that form between the pairs of lambs and how cheeky chancers will be sent packing by ewes who don’t recognise a lamb as their own.

Many farms have open days during lambing season and I would recommend it to anyone for a great morning or afternoon out… who could resist these beauties!

Spring is on the way!

Have fun!

Penny x