2013-06-21_0014Sitting right at the back of the cupboard, still in it’s box, is a small fondue set that was given to me many, many winters ago. Whenever we get it out we wonder why on earth we don’t do this every night, after all, it’s damn delicious.

2013-06-21_0016If you search for recipes on the internet then they’ll all pretty much tell you to do it right – buying dark chocolate and double cream and slowly melting both together over a simmering pan of water. I say throw caution to the the wind, buy a family pack of Buttons and part melt them in the microwave, give it a good stir (the rest should then melt), then dip anything you have to hand for some lick smackingly good, chocolatey goodness.

2013-06-21_0015Favourite dipping things in our house are…





Small squares of chocolate brownies

As you can see, ANYTHING, as long as it’s dippable and good with chocolate kind of goes.

It’s never really been a problem in our house but I’m led to believe that unless the chocolate is kept warm it’ll harden up again pretty quickly. We use a little tealight under our set and there is never a drop of choc left in it, I never need to wash it (but I did 😉 )

Look how easy this is! A completely interactive and scrumptious dessert, so why don’t we do it every night?

Think big and reach for the stars,