Spooky goings on have been happening in our house for a couple of weeks. We LOVE Halloween and all the projects that go along with it. This week we’ve made some really simple spooky candle holders that won’t need much in the way of instructions really. If you have a go at making them the TMK team would love to see pictures of your efforts.

DIY Halloween Project

An easy Halloween project for all ages to get involved in.


Kilner jars or recycled jam jars. (to be honest the jam jars would be better as it completely slipped my mind that candles need air to work and if you close the lid on the Kilner jar it starves the candles of air. What a doofus!)

Crepe paper in various colours.

PVA Glue.

Googly eyes and any other decorations you feel are necessary.


Paint brushes.

Tealight candles or  safer LED ones.

Halloween Candle HoldersINSTRUCTIONS:

All you need to do is paint a thin layer of PVA glue all over the jar and then choose which crepe paper you want to use and stick away to your hearts content. Stick on eyes, cut out bats from card, make it your own!

The longest part of this process is waiting for them to dry :/ We left them upside down to dry overnight and then once the sun went down we lit them all and I can report that the kids are very pleased with their efforts.


Happy Halloween!