Part of the joy of everyday crafting for me has always been the fact you can source so many wonderful bits and pieces from around the home. So it was the natural choice when planning decorations for my wedding to do exactly the same and get my wonderful children involved in it too!

We have opted for a travel theme so upcyling an old and worn out map which had seen better days seemed the perfect solution. Armed with said map and a couple of craft stampers we set about on creating some personalised confetti.

If you have been inspired to have a go yourself, here ‘s what you’ll need.

Things you’ll need:

  • map or something you like to stamp out – could be wrapping paper/wallpaper/book pages
  • cutters – you can buy these everywhere from department stores to online retailers and there are hundreds of shapes to choose from
  • a helper to punch out the shapes

Remember, adventure is out there.

Nat x