Scout Leader and Hound

Scout Leader and Hound

Last summer DH decided he would become a Scout Leader. Our children are all involved in the Scout Movement (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts), but DH had successfully held off volunteering until now. The Group Scout Leader is very persuasive, and she soon press-ganged him into completing his application form and signing up. Or had she? Because actually DH doesn’t do paperwork, I do. DH doesn’t do planning, I do. In fact DH doesn’t do any admin, I do.

Of course I could have said no. I did try to dissuade him. Every time he got stressed because of another bit of scouting bureaucracy in the run up to his appointment, I would suggest that he pulled out before it was too late. Every time he returned home after another tedious meeting with individuals who don’t understand “get to the point”, I questioned whether he really wanted to get involved. But the answer (with a few waivers) has been “Yes, it’s time I put something back. I have great memories of being a Scout and I want to do the same for others.” That told me!

So I’ve signed up too. I admire DH for volunteering and all the other leaders who give up their time, I like our Scout Group and the people in it, our children have a great time and there’s a strong community feel. I know that DH doesn’t do admin and I accept that: he doesn’t have the patience, he finds it stressful and it would put him off volunteering. He wants to be out doing things, making a difference, having an adventure. Rather depressingly I’m quite good at the behind the scenes stuff, I’m prepared to read the manuals and search the internet for ideas, make lists and co-ordinate people. So I’ve also filled in the application form (although I draw the line at a uniform) and am now on my way to being a Section Assistant, aka Scout Leaders’ Wife.

In this occasional blog I will be sharing the highs and lows of Scouting. The adventures of our Scout Troop; the camps, the night hikes, the wide games (a new term to me too!), as well as the trials and tribulations of keeping a bunch of 10.5 – 14.5 year olds interested and engaged. Please excuse the odd rant now and then, this blog will also be an opportunity for me to vent my frustrations too! But ultimately I hope that I might be able to inspire you on an adventure with your own children, sign them up at your local Scout Group or even get involved as a leader or parent helper.

Things our Scouts have been doing this month

  • An “observational walk” with our local neighbourhood PC around the town: taking in all the main sites for buying drugs! (I joke although PC Chris did talk about a couple of busts at the local skate park!)
  • A 5km night hike with a spot of stargazing using a phone app.
  • Making “puff vehicles” and listening to a talk from a representative from WWF.
  • Completing their Global Conservation Badge by taking part in the Climate Week Challenge.
  • Playing Hare and Hounds by following a sawdust trail around the park in the dark (head torches a must!).

Things the Scout Leader has been up to this month

  • 2 weekends of modular training at the District training centre (hot meal included). Although he went expecting the worse he actually got a lot out of it: meeting other leaders, sharing experiences and debating theology with the local priest!

I would love to hear your experiences of Scouts. If you were a Scout or Guide, what do you remember doing and enjoying? If you have children involved now, what do they get out of it? And if you’re an adult involved in Scouting please share your programme ideas! We need all the help we can get!