Today was better than yesterday. One of the juices was a fruity little number with bananas and mixed berries which came as  a blessed relief after the green and the purple. It was sweet and had some seeds in it so felt more like real food as well as being delicious. I do feel better than I did yesterday as well, a bit.


After I had walked the dogs I thought my lodger was going to have to catch me as I felt very faint but I managed to cling onto the kitchen units long enough to make my ‘Ginger Shot’ which is the daily kick starter on the detox plan. I’m no lover of ginger but I do like the warmth of it and I have stopped feeling in desperate need of a huge bowl of sweet cereal. I still feel a bit sick but I am pushing myself to behave normally and went to WI Stitch and Bitch even though I would have preferred an early night!

I have  lost 5lbs already! Most of this will be water I am sure but it has really motivated me to carry on, and Jason, on his videos for today, tells me that I will great from tomorrow onwards. I’d better!

I know you are all wondering about poo. Nowhere an I find anything about the effects so I will tell you, as delicately as I can that this diet is really very pleasant. There is no flatulence what so ever despite all that raw spinach, broccoli stalks and beetroot. There is very little poo, but there still is some (thankfully as I pride myself on my regularity in that department!). Even my friend’s husband who is doing it, and let’s face it men always seem to have issues in ‘that department’ has noticed a change!

The big news is that I have bitten the bullet and bought a juicer! The Juicing Phenomenon has done the manufacturers of these machines a huge favour. They have doubled in price over the last few months and are actually really hard to find. There is little on the market at under £150 which I have to say leaves a bit of a sour taste in what should be a healthy experience. I have decided to take the plunge as I really can’t keep heading round to my friend’s house each morning, getting in the way, for her to feed me… and I think I may have juices as a regular feature in my diet from now on… I’m starting to like it! New juicer arrives tomorrow soI am quite excited about having all my juices fresh!

Penny x