Tuesday (Day Two of Five)

I am pretty good at following any diet for one day so I knew that day two could be more of a challenge. I woke feeling pretty much as I always do, although I had slept very well. I popped round to Caroline’s armed with flasks for my Tuesday juices and she said they were doing really well. I was feeling light headed as I stood in the kitchen, but this is not surprising as I had just taken the dogs on a bit of a speed march and hadn’t replaced any of the energy I had burned. I also had a headache. Armed with my pots of green gunge and one of something very dark purple (the beetroot) which worried me in case it leaked, I headed off to work.


To be perfectly honest I felt light headed, slightly sick and had a headache all day. I was also very crabby. Jason Vale calls it Tetchy Tuesday, and I could see why. I watched my videos for the day and it was explained to me that I was withdrawing from sugar and, as any addict would, I was feeling it. This is harder than I thought. The juices were still very tasty but I am starting not to want them, in fact I decided not to have my last juice and just have half an avocado instead. This is allowed on the diet as an emergency, and it certainly felt like one! Roll on Thursday when I am supposed to be feeling better.

If I had the energy I would Google whether this is really good for me or not. I have found some information that says the juices contain 150-200 calories each, or 200-275 calories if they contain avocado or banana. This basically means that the diet is working on just over 1000 calories a day and so it’s not surprising I feel a bit weak. I am also starting to worry about a lack of protein so have ordered some powdered spirolina as a supplement (also allowed) although seaweed won’t be a substitute for a steak!

I’m not giving in though!