Having blogged earlier this year about celebrating the way we are now rather than yearning for a body gone by which you can read here, I have decided to lose some weight! Hypocritical? Possibly, but I needed to do something about my ever expanding body and the effect it was having on my joints. I had put on 12lbs since that post (5kg ) and had developed a serious sugar addiction. When I say serious I mean three or four large chocolate bars plus two or three ice creams EACH DAY as well as my normal huge bowl of kiddies cereal, lunch and dinner. It was a miracle I wasn’t fatter. Taking my beloved dogs out for a walk was hard work and I had stopped recognising the person in the mirror, so I avoided her.

Being a Facebook addict I had been following a friend who had got into juicing. She was losing weight very quickly, which was appealing, but more appealing was that she said she felt great on it, with more energy than she had had for ages. I was intrigued. Then another friend told me that she and her husband were going to give it a go. She had very little weight to shift but her husband had high blood pressure and cholesterol and needed to take some drastic action for health reasons. I didn’t want to spend out on a juicer if this was going to be a fad but was keen to see what all the fuss was about so asked if I could join in, and as they round the corner I was cheeky and asked if she would juice my meals for me! I didn’t really know what I was letting myself in for but decided that was probably the best way so I downloaded Jason Vale’s Lose 5lb in 5 Days app onto my phone and went to Tesco to buy all the fruit and veg I needed for the week.

I’ll post each day how I got on:


I trotted round the corner to Caroline’s house and picked up my juices for the whole day. One of the juices is a ginger shot which I had there and then to get me to my first proper juice at 10am. I sit on the fence where ginger is concerned. I don’t dislike it but I don’t seek it out. Anyway this shot was FIREY!! It was also warming and seemed to fill the gaping void where my enormous bowl of cereal would have been. At 10am I started on the first green juice of the day and it was surprisingly tasty, as in fact was the second one. On this plan you have a ginger shot each morning and then two juices taken four times a day. Day one passed without much event. being a new regime it was easy to stick to. In my weaker chocolate craving moments I watched one of the motivational videos on the app, and Jason told me that I was not going to feel hungry and that any headaches are my withdrawal from sugar and caffeine. I was a little light headed at times and tired by the end of the day, so I went to bed early. Overall impression… I can do this!