It’s a weeknight, you’ve just managed to keep your eyes open long enough to catch up with some TV drama or other after a long day and you know you really need to head to bed. But wait, you also know that your in the midst of another bout of insomnia and the likelihood of you catching more than a few hours is horribly too familiar. My ideal bedroom is pictured here and truly was one night of solid blissful slumber…sigh.

So here I lie. The clock ticking beside me, duvet on, duvet off, tossing and turning with no particular one thing on my mind just the inability to sleep. Does this sound familiar? Apparently the statistics go like this nearly half of us are getting just six hours sleep or less a night in the UK (source The Sleep Council) and having discussed with family and friends it appears as a nation we experience sustained lack of sleep at some point during our lifetime. Stress, poor diet, small babies, changes to work or home, health issues, the list is long. And for those who have experienced this, I know you’ll understand and have tried many techniques to try to induce the sleep you so desperately need.

So I thought I’d share some tips which should help get you started back into a natural rhythm of sleep and your happy place…

  • no electronic devices in the bedroom – ipad/phone/kindle etc
  • regular bedtime helps kick your body clock into winding down and waking up
  • daily exercise – walking, a run, swim, bike ride – all help you naturally feel tired
  • make sure your mattress and pillows are comfy, nothing kills sleep more than discomfort!
  • leave a notebook and pen by the bed so if you have creative ideas you can write them down then “switch off”
  • if all else fails, warm milky drink or hot chocolate gives a comforting feel and helps you drift off
  • if you really can’t sleep get up and go do something else until you feel tired!

If you have any tips on coping with insomnia please leave a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas.

Now I’m off to try and catch some elusive zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Yawn and stretch…

[stextbox id=”tmk-box”]NEED SUPPORT?  If you want to find out more or get advice then visit The Sleep Council.[/stextbox]