Cool art 7

The moment that your friends ask you for a favour is sometimes the moment your heart sinks… but looking after two teenagers for the weekend meant that I had the excuse to try out an idea I had seen for some fun artwork that fits somewhere between crafting and graffiti!

You will need:

  • Some box canvasses (or old pictures in frames, or if not new find some old… you are going to spray them anyway)
  • Spray paint – we used spray enamel and a crackle effect top coat
  • Some papier mache letters, or anything that adds a third dimension
  • UPVA glue
  • Tons of newspaper and some old clothes
  • A nice dry and fairly wind free day or a large airy room indoors.

Having made sure that every surface was covered we set about spraying up the canvasses and putting them aside to dry. Then we have our letters a good spraying too. You could use paint but the fun was using the spray cans!

Wall art 1


And then you can just do your own thing! We used crackle paint over the enamel, we stuck some letters on and used some as stencils and added some additional decorations that we found… anything goes!

Spraying the backgrounds…

Wall art 2


Getting creative with letters… we sprayed, crackled and dripped….


Wall art 3


It’s about being individual! We had a minimalist approach, some funk and crackle, some add ons and William’s ‘More is More’ approach!

Wall art 4


Digby offered moral support when the drying process seemed to be taking too long for the youngest member of the team!

Wall art 5


And the results speak for themselves!!!

Wall art 6


Hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did!

Penny x

Mummy Alarm