OK, so it’s raining outside. Properly, right down to the knickers, raining. All I can hear is,

I’m bored, I wish it was sunny.

What shall we do?

Fear not, Mummy has a new gadget. Let’s get to work.

I love pineapple, cold or cooked, juiced or whole, I just love pineapple. What I dislike, muchly, is cutting one up. They’re so gnarly and ouchy that I just tend to leave them on the supermarket shelf and I feel bad for doing that.

I’m sure angels were singing when I happened upon this little fella and even through the angelic chorus a little bit of me was still sceptical. Will this gadget work?


I can report that this pineapple-corer does indeed do a sterling job and makes me very happy. If you want your own, follow this link because you’re not having mine 😉  http://www.kleenezeshop.com/products/2888-pineapple-corer.aspx

There’s no need for me to even give you a recipe on what to mix to make this the best vessel ever. It just is. You could fill it with cold tea and the kids would think it’s ace. On this occasion though, I used the juice from said pineapple and mixed it together with some orange juice, fresh lime juice, a load of ice and got the kids to shake up a storm in the cocktail shaker which Penny kindly sent me to use and abuse. Pour into pineapple, add an embellishment or two and, hey presto, you have an utterly cool Mocktail. Add to that some super funky straw/glasses and they could almost be in a cabana, twinkling their toes in the surf, somewhere on Hawaii. Almost.



Do-gooders of the land, please refrain from telling me that I shouldn’t be encouraging my little ones to drink. This is just great fun and gets them to eat a whole Pineapple too. It doesn’t take a genius though to figure out that to turn it into a cocktail, one would add a healthy measure of alcohol. Adults only!


After all the hard work that went into making it I was loathe to throw it away, so cue a fabulous little vase (fly swatter at the ready after a day or two though :/) It looks cool for a day or so though.


Lots more fabulous mocktails & cocktails coming your way throughout the year (I am, after all, a qualified Mixologist). If you want me to feature anything in particular, send me an email and your wish is my command. Vix@trulymadlykids.co.uk

Think big and reach for the stars,