Christmas Card Crafts.

Christmas Card Craft

Everything that can possibly have a smell in the house either smells of mulled wine or pine. Slowly but surely, over the last few weeks, I have introduced seasonal products into our home, even the loo bleach has a Christmas fragrance! So with the decorations firmly in place there’s only two things left to do and that’s to put our tree up and make our Christmas cards.

Our craft box is full to the top with everything you could possibly imagine but especially ‘bits that we’ll use one day’. Frightened to throw in the bin bits just in case we ever need them.

There was a time when we’d make about 60 cards and send to practically everyone we know but now we just make for our very nearest and dearest and they are made with love and laughter.

This year we have two particular styles. Firstly we have googly eyed, bow tie wearing gingerbread man, who we just think is adorable and then we have our sparkly Christmas tree card.

Gingerbread Man Christmas Card

Christmas Tree Card


  • This is so easy to do but yet so satisfying when you see the final result.
  • It’s all about layers!
  • Think about your chosen design. We pretty much just looked at our craft stash and found brown felt and red ribbon. From there we came up with the designs.
  • You’ll need to grab ye olde faithful, Bostik Glu Dots and Bostik clear glue. You can use one or the other but we have found a mixture of the two works perfectly for a project like this.
  • Card of various colours. If you use A4 size then when it’s folded you’ll have a perfectly sized A5 card.
  • Envelopes, A5 size.

Before you start get Michael Buble’s Christmas hits on in the background, grab yourself a cheeky festive glass of something and make the biggest, marshmallowiest hot chocolate for the kids. Now your ready to put together your creations. Start with the card and background and work your way up in layers until you are happy with you final masterpieces. You’ll really need to leave them overnight until you write inside just to give them a chance to dry and to ensure that they don’t stick to the envelope.

We hope you love our cards and we’d love to see yours. Use #bostikbloggers on social media to let us see what you’ve made.Christmas Card Crafts.Christmas CardsChristmas Card Crafts

Craft supplies were sent to use free of charge by Craft Merrily for us to take part in #Bostikbloggers 2016