If you’re the crafty type then making ones of these will fulfill all those crafty urges and give you a fab Christmas decoration to boot.

“Oh, thank you, yes I made that myself.” Don’t tell me that you won’t relish it when someone asks where you got it from?

Every year my mum always wows me with another hand made wreath, this year I made her show me how to actually make one and you know what? It’s really quite simple, and therapeutic. Follow the instructions and let’s see what you make.

2013-11-17_0001YOU WILL NEED;

A 25cm polystyrene half ring – BUY ONE HERE

1 Meter of your chosen fabric.

A smallish knitting needle.

PVA glue.


Marker pen.

Pinking shears.

Tailor’s chalk and ruler.

1. Firstly, you need to mark out your material. Use the chalk and a ruler to mark out squares of 1.5in and cut them all out using your pinking shears. In the absence of these, you can use normal scissors.

2. To start you off on the right track, grab the side plate and place on the polystyrene as pictured above, now draw around it. This will be you starting point.

3. Now turn that plate the right way up and drop a dollop of PVA onto it.

4. Take hold of the knitting needle and take a square of fabric. Put the needle in the middle of the right side of the fabric and wrap the fabric around it tightly. Hold onto the fabric on the needle almost like holding onto a pen. Dip the end into the PVA and then press it into the polystyrene about half an inch deep. The PVA, when dried, just secures the fabric in wreath to ensure you can use it year after year.

5. Following your initial guideline repeat the above steps leaving yourself approx half and inch in between each one. When you’ve completed that line then drop down another half and inch and start your next line. Carry on going until you’ve covered the whole thing. Et Voila, a superb Christmas Wreath that you made in one night in front of the telly.2013-11-17_00022013-11-17_0003



The colour possiblities are endless with these wreaths, as you can see from the images above. Don’t let it limit you to the festive season either, you could make these for different seasons and adorn them with whatever you choose.

Once you’ve perfected this wreath you could then try mutilating a book (it took mum, an avid book lover, some time to rip the pages out) and try to make one out of the paper cones.

2013-11-17_00092013-11-17_0006 2013-11-17_0007

Send images of your finished wreaths to Vix@trulymadlykids.co.uk, – Go on, great creative and enjoy!

Think big and reach for the stars,



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