With eyes to Christmas, it is very easy to have eyes to gifts that may raise a laugh or two, be used a couple of times, before they then gather dust in a cupboard, or worse, condemned to landfill.

However, I am delighted to see that there is a trend towards buying experiences, not things. And one such gift that falls firmly into this category is the National Art Pass.

But what is the National Art Pass?

The National Art Pass gives free entry to over 240 museums, galleries and historic houses across the UK as well as 50% off entry to major exhibitions. In London alone this includes Dulwich Picture Gallery, Ham House, Kensington Palace and the Charles Dickens House. Exhibitions to see at 50% are Frida Kahlo at the V&A and Gainsborough’s Family Album at the National Portrait Gallery.

national art pass

How much does it cost?

If you are feeling particularly flash, you can buy a lifetime membership for £1850! However, a family membership is £110 and an individual membership is £67. If it is for a person under 26, the cost is £34.

What else do you get for the membership?

Obviously, you get a membership to show to get into the various venues, and also an Art book, which is a comprehensive guide book of all 700 venues that accept the national art pass. Added to this, you get a quarterly magazine and also regular emails, Art in your Inbox of art around the country.

The National Art Pass is offered through the Art Fund, what is this?

For the last 110 years, the Art Fund has helped support museums and art galleries from promoting them to helping them buy pieces of work. Also they help run fundraising campaigns, such as the successful appeal with the National Portrait Gallery to save Van Dyck’s final self-portrait for the nation.

For more information, visit The National Art Pass.