The time has come for the Top 10 Christmas gifts lists to be released. Each major toy company has their own take on what’s going to be most popular (or rather what they’d like to be most popular) gifts under the tree this year with Hamleys being the frontrunner in the list stakes and, to be honest, for once it seems quite tame price wise. Click here to see Hamleys Top 10.

I adore Christmas and sometimes start in the Spring buying stocking fillers. Yes, yes, some of you will be shouting at the screen but I don’t care. :p It’s part of MY Christmas that I buy stuff all year round or even make Christmas cards in July and it keeps me happy and the budget intact (which actually is mainly why I do it)

Definitely making an appearance in the Ward’s Christmas Stockings this year are super cool and super fun socks from a company called Chatty FeetĀ . They sent us some socks to review (actually, I hope they don’t want them back, they have totally been used)

Inside the package were two pairs of socks (pictured) and from the moment they saw them they acted, well, kind of giddy actually. Who’d have thunk it? The afternoon was then filled with the socks singing ‘Let It Go’ and various other songs from Frozen. The thought of pairing these bad boys up after a wash didn’t fill me with dread either, if I can’t pair these colourful creations then there’s no hope for me!

Socks from Chatty Feet

I know they’re only socks but I’m glad that someone has decided to add a bit of humour to normally boring, yet functional, foot coverers. Over on their website you can get them in all sizes with names such as Prof. Brian Sox, Yoko Mono & Commander Awesome (pictured). Head on over to their Pinterest page by clicking this link and see their latest competition, tell them TMK sent you.

What’s on your kids list this year? Are you any good at calling the most popular toys or do you get it completely wrong? Do you ever buy anything from the list? Let me know in the comments.

Think big and Ho! Ho! Ho! (too soon?)