Last weekend, we went on our annual camping trip. In essence, we camp in a big field where the kids can all run wild, and the parents can concentrate on relaxing and eating (and maybe drinking) a lot. Meals are taken very seriously, with a range of delicious foods served up for breakfast, lunch and supper. The last two years, my husband has butterflied a leg of lamb and put it onto the open fire. As he was not there this year (cycling to Paris, no less), another camp member took the camping cooking challenge up and came up with this beauty of a recipe with salmon. It was so good, I have to share it with you.


x2 Sides of Salmon
x2 Bulbs of fennel
Fennel seeds
x2 lemons
Fresh basil
Salt and Pepper
A broadsheet paper (paper of your choice!)

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1. Slice the lemon
2. Chop the fennel and basil

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3. Pulp the capers with a pestle and mortar (but not too much!)
4. Grind the fennel seeds in pestle and mortar
5. Lay out 1 side of salmon – season with oil, salt and pepper
6. Lay on top basil, capers, fennel, fennel seeds and lemon

campfire salmon, campfire recipes

7. Place the other side of salmon on top
8. Wrap in the newspaper – make sure it is all covered, and tied up with string. You need a parcel!

salmon cooked in newspaper, campfire recipes. salmon campfire

9. Dip the parcel in water
– this bit is important, so the paper doesn’t burn!
10. Cook on open fire (best on a grill, straddling the fire) for half an hour. Then turn the salmon over, and cook for another half an hour.
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11. Serve with salad and enjoy, happy campers!
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