For those who follow the blog, you will know, I haven’t been too well. In fact, I suffered a cardiac arrest and spent just over two weeks in hospital. The positive of being ill, is the amount of love I was showered with from friends far and wide. The 100s of cards I received, and so many gifts. I obviously was grateful for every single one, however, some absolutely hit the spot, and I thought I would share their brilliance and help you know what to buy someone who is ill, without feeling it’s not a useless present!


I love having flowers in the house. I really do. However, for those who follow on Instagram stories will know that at one point I had 10 bunches! Please don’t think that sending flowers is not a good idea, because it is! But think about sending them weeks after the event. My house is now pretty much bereft of flowers and I’d love to see the delivery man again (we were on first name terms) with a bunch. That said, I got so many stunning bunches.

what to buy someone who is ill

Bubble Bath

I love Neal’s Yard Seawood and Arnica, and I buy endless supplies from my local rep Amelia, who is also a friend of mine now. When she heard she was ill, it was no-brainer for her to send me a bottle! Once my scar had healed and I could go in the bath again, it felt like pure luxury to step into a foaming bubble bath. Also, sitting and lying makes your bones ache – a bubbly bath was of huge relief.

Sleep Spray

As you can imagine, my sleep was severely disrupted after the arrest. I struggled to fall asleep and when I did, it was very disrupted sleep. However, a couple of thoughtful friends bought me Sleep Spray from Ragdale Hall and This Work’s Sleep Balm.¬†¬†This in now part of my bedtime routine, and I’m finding dropping off much easier.

this works sleep balm, ragdale hall sleep spray,

Magazine subscriptions

Who doesn’t love a good mag? And the fact I get them every month now! I received Psychologies and Conde Nast Traveller (what else could a travel blogger want?!). I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen these, and I have to say they’ve been a breath of fresh air!

Haribo sweets and Green and Black Chocolate

My blood pressure was low, and having sweets and chocolate to hand were great to give me a little boost. And if there’s ever a time to eat chocolate and sweets whenever you want …

New pyjamas

You spend an awful lot of time in them, so it was incredibly thoughtful gift that as I languished in bed or my sofa, I could do it a smart new pair of PJs from Cath Kidston!

CATH KIDSTON PYJAMAS, london pyjamas,


If you know me well, I like a tipple! I have a gorgeous bottle of champagne sitting in my wine rack waiting to celebrate my health!


This post isn’t at all sponsored nor was I asked to review them, this is honestly the products I was given and really loved.

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