..as ever my 10 and 7 year old get right to the heart of the matter. Why am I going to Jordan? What have I got to offer? Why am I leaving my babies for a week?

Next Friday I will be packing up my cameras and heading to Jordan with a small team from World Vision and fellow blogger Tanya Barrow of Mummy Barrow. We’ll be spending 3 days travelling around this small and enormously hospitable country that is ¬†at the heart of and surrounded by so much war and devastation and meeting some of those displaced from Syria to Jordan over the last 4 years. Their past written out of history and their future as uncertain as gossamer. You can read about the work of World Vision in Jordan here and I’ll be reporting back and sharing images both from the field and on my return.

Personally, I have been committed to the work of World Vision for over 2 decades and have had the rewards of sponsoring two children over that time. I have followed the Syrian conflict closely from it’s early days. I have watched with horror and helplessness. As a photographer I am often inspired and deeply moved by the work of journalists and photo journalists and the death of Marie Colvin in Homs 4 years ago spoke to me of the spiralling escalation of the situation. Her final despatch, read now, emphasises the endlessness of the destruction of Syria.

So, if I can go now and with my cameras offer both a window into this newly created community in Jordan and a voice to some of those who have lost so very much , then I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity.