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BC Hydro and IBEW reach a collective agreement in 2016

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 258 in British Columbia represents over 4,000 BC Hydro workers, including skilled tradespeople, administrative staff, and powerline technicians.

In 2016, the IBEW and BC Hydro reached a collective agreement that was ratified after a vote by union members. The four-year agreement included a 5.5 percent wage increase and improvements to benefits and job security.

One of the key areas of focus in the negotiations between BC Hydro and the IBEW was ensuring the safety of workers. The agreement included provisions for safety training, equipment upgrades, and a joint safety committee made up of union and management representatives.

The collective agreement also addressed issues related to work-life balance. The agreement included new provisions for paid time off for union activities, as well as increased flexibility for employees to take time off for personal reasons.

The agreement received praise from both the union and BC Hydro management. IBEW Local 258 Business Manager Doug McKay called it a “fair and reasonable agreement” that would provide stability for workers and their families. BC Hydro President and CEO Jessica McDonald praised the collaboration between the union and management during negotiations, saying it “demonstrates what is possible when both parties come to the table with a focus on mutual benefit.”

In addition to the benefits for workers, the agreement also had implications for BC Hydro customers and the broader community. By ensuring the safety and well-being of workers, the agreement helped to ensure that BC Hydro could continue to provide reliable, affordable electricity to customers across the province.

Overall, the 2016 collective agreement between BC Hydro and IBEW Local 258 was an important milestone in the ongoing relationship between the two organizations. By prioritizing worker safety, work-life balance, and collaboration, the agreement provided a strong foundation for a productive and mutually beneficial partnership going forward.