Readers I have been persuaded out from beneath to dining table where I am hiding post ketchup shampoo and set (I still LOVE fox poo) to give you my thoughts on Christmas. I know it feels like an age away but it’s not. Sorry.

Quite frankly Christmas is a time that Jess and I dread as She Who Should be Obeyed insists on a cheesy Christmas photograph of us that she can send to all her friends as greetings card. As they land on people’s doormat you can almost hear the collective sigh go around the country of “Poor things” as her friends are faced with yet another card bearing us dressed in Santa hats, festive jumpers and scarves, tied to the fire place or held down by so called friends in the studio. This year Sid the Cat had to endure the humiliation of being dressed in an entire Santa suit which scared him so much that he was unable to walk without falling over.


Other than the annual wrestling match for the card shoot the only other Christmas activity SWSBO has partaken in is buying a Christmas cake. Readers, it is only 25th November as I write this and it is almost half gone already. She loves it, and usually has to buy at least three for the season. You will notice I said ‘buy’. She refuses to make them when Tesco’s Finest produce one that she loves, and after the year she made one, but forgot to put the flour in, she cannot be persuaded to try again.


Christmas cakes are great for SWSBO but not so great for Jess and I. I was reading last week about a working cocker spaniel who ate a whole Christmas cake and then died slowly and painfully of acute kidney failure. We might love the stuff but dried fruit is very poisonous to us canines. So is chocolate. And grapes. Although there is nothing I like better than a rummage under the Christmas tree please bear in mind that if there are any boxes of chocolates under there, or chocolate decorations hanging from the branches we may not be able to help ourselves…. That said, SWSBO can’t help herself either. The advent calendar was all gone by 12th November this year. It didn’t kill her, so we will no doubt be starring in another Christmas card fiasco next year.


Have a great Christmas and I hope Santa brings you lots of squeaky toys!

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