The London 2012 Olympics were AWESOME. Practically a year since it became the beating heart of the nation, it’s legacy lives on. My daughter was amazed and enthralled with the Archery. In her head she was already at the 2016 games, competing, winning.

She begged and pleaded for me to let her take lessons. She watched Brave I don’t know how many times and watches Arrow (worth a watch) on Sky 1, for tips.

2013-06-21_0005You’d think this was an easy task, after all how hard can it be to find Archery lessons for kids? Finding the lessons wasn’t a problem in itself, the year long waiting list was the one that killed her slowly. I took advice from some amazing people (thank you Kirsty!) about where to go, who to speak to, what not to buy just yet etc, but still that year long waiting list got me at every turn, as did the fact that she couldn’t do it till she was 8 due to insurance purposes.

2013-06-21_0008 2013-06-21_0007Magically, one day my mother just happened to mention that Jeff from next door to her has something to do with archery, “Shall I ask him?” ¬†Turns out that Jeff belongs to North Meols Archers and lo and behold they do run classes and they were starting soon. Hurrah! So, after waiting for nearly a year, the excitement had not worn off and Scarlett was thrilled when Nana bought her lessons for her 8th birthday. My sister, Rachel, signed up too and now it’s their thing, something that she’ll remember forever.



2013-06-21_0006So, whilst they are doing their thing with bows and arrows I sit, wait and take pictures. Sometimes my youngest comes too so we get the crossbow (plastic!) out of the boot and have target practice ourselves or if that gets boring we try and identify little weird creatures, such as the one below. S

2013-06-21_0012 2013-06-21_0011 2013-06-21_0010 2013-06-21_0009I am very impressed with how much my sis and the first born have improved over just a few short  weeks. They borrow all the kit from Jeff and Chris, so there has been no major outlay and those guys have been amazing in teaching them their new found skills. Both girls have even battled on through Archery related injuries (ARI for those in the know, mainly twanging bruises) and she sleeps like a log after a lesson, which is always good news.

Try something new people, I doubt you’ll regret it.

Learn about the history of Archery here.

Visit the official GB Archery page here.

Visit North Meols Archery club here.


Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix x