A vast array of colours. A range that screams total girliness with a healthy sprinkling of attitude, and now, a ROCK CHIC collection. It’s safe to say that Angel’s Face have my daughters’ attention.


The first time a parcel arrived from Angel’s Face, the screams, squeals and sighs could be heard for miles around. Beautifully packaged in striped, vintage hat boxes (their signature finish), that still take pride of place of their shelves, rather than languishing at the back of their wardrobes, is testament indeed to how these clothes affect the people that wear them.

Keely Deininger is both designer and managing director of Angel’s Face. She received her first sewing machine at the age of 8 and gathered (no pun intended) inspiration from her seamstress grandmother and from watching Come Dancing, with her own mother, on Saturday evenings.


The key pieces in the Angel’s Face range are the TUTU PETTITSKIRTS. Amazing design pieces, immaculately finished,stunningly visual and when dropped on a bedroom floor looks like a chiffon bomb has exploded. When my children wear these, heads turn wherever we go. They have worn them to parties, to the park, as fancy dress and, yes, they have even slept in them. They LOVE them. It’s not hard to see why Angel’s face is the UK’s number one brand for all things Pettitskirts.  At the end of 2012, Selfridges and Alex and Alexa started stocking their products. Not too shabby at all I must say!


Their famous Angel Wings t-shirts, leggings and hair accessories complement the pettitskirt range to create an overall look that any fashionista would be proud of.

  • For 2013 Angel’s Face have a ‘rock chic’ theme.  To show that their pettiskirts are not just suitable for young girls – their motto is 0 –  you are never too old! – they have combined them with leopard or black leggings, biker jackets and biker boots (as shown in the images).
  • Their own gold, faux-leather biker jacket will be available from June (see image below), as will three sets of metallic ballet pumps in silver, pink and gold.  Both have been exceptionally well received at trade shows such as Top Drawer, Pitti Bimbo and Bubble.
  • They have a new range of lace and rose petal dresses which look stunning on flower girls and complement our Champagne Lace pettiskirt.  Their angel wings t-shirts and baby grows are hugely popular and they are in the process of producing a new line of tops, including lightning bolt t-shirts inspired by the coming David Bowie exhibition in London, which are coming in very soon.


Now you’ve read this I’m sure you’ll want to whizz on over to their website and have a browse – don’t forget to tell them TMK sent you!



Angel’s Face on Facebook

Photography credit: Wanda Kujacz

We’ll be catching up with them later in the year to see what further awesomesauce designs they have in the pipeline. Oh, and for the record, Truly Madly Kids LOVES Angel’s Face.

Think big and reach for the stars,