Recently, we had a lovely day out in Battersea Park, we stumbled upon The Pumphouse Gallery and a rather lovely artist who was hosting a printing session. Both my children produced wonderful works of art, and it was such a simple process. Their artwork added towards a tapestry displayed in the gallery.

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Seeing as the days are drawing in for us in the Northern hemisphere, and it’s half term, I thought I would share this craft to help entertain the kids!

What you need:

A foam board – you can buy these at good art suppliers, or you may have something similar from discarded packaging.
A sharp pencil
Rolling Pin / Roller
Paper / T Shirt / Material – whatever you want to print on to!

Printing craft for kid, printing, kids craft,


1. Using a sharp pencil, draw the picture, pattern or letters you want to print onto the board. N.B if you are using letters, remember they need to back to front
2. Paint the picture with the colours you want. Make sure you get a good coverage, this is essential for the printing!
3. Turn the board onto a plain piece of paper
4. Use a roller (if you have one), if not a rolling pin to transfer the picture to the paper
5. Remove board carefully, and you should have a great print!

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Watch our short video, on how to do it!

My kids love this activity, and make many templates, and print endlessly! We’d love to see your creations too!