There’s only so many times I can let the kids watch Frozen in one day before I start to feel the guilt that I’m not actually doing anything with them. If you’re wondering , that number is 3.

When we went to Majorca last year we stayed in a great family hotel called Jutlandia based in Santa Ponsa. Adele was the children’s entertainer and every lunchtime she turned up with a variety of things for the kids to do. With her light Irish drawl, wicked sense of humour and endless patience she was an absolute delight to be around and the kids adored her. Thankfully she let me photograph the craft projects so I could share them with you good people.

Half Term Crafting

Things You Will Need…

A box of salt, slightly coarser is better than very fine.

A box of coloured chalk.

Small glass jars with lids.


Bored children.

Half Term Crafting

1. Draw a circle on a piece of A4 paper as illustrated above.

2. Pour a small mound of salt in the middle of this circle and then take a piece of chalk – hold the chalk longways and rub it into the salt to colour it. The kids find this bit fascinating. Try to get them to stay within the lines otherwise they’re will be salt ALL over the place.

Half Term Crafting3. Now pick the paper up and carefully pour this coloured salt into one of the glass jars, shake gently to get an even layer and then repeat with a different colour. If you can get your fingers in the jar then lightly press down on each layer to compact it slightly.

4. Make sure that you fill the jar up to the brim before putting the lid on – this is ensure that all the colours don’t all mix together and ruin the fabulous layered effect.

Half Term Crafting

Ours are still proudly on display in the bedroom and even the kids say that every time they look at them they think happy thoughts.

And there’s me thinking that salt was just for Tequila!

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Think big and reach for the stars,


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