In a pretty but rather unassuming garden shed in Locks Heath in Hampshire, Allison from Allison Daisy Chain creates the most gorgeous hand-crocheted goodies.  This delightful ‘bolthole’ is where the magic happens – where Allison designs a beautiful range of products … from babywear to pot covers, from cushions to bunting.  As soon as the stable door opens you are surrounded by an array of colourful yarns, pots of crochet needles, pretty lace, jars of buttons and fairy lights.  Lots of fairy lights.  In fact, it is so pretty and tranquil, I have already booked a week’s holiday for me, myself and I to visit.  I’m sure Allison won’t mind.

Anyway, before becoming a crochet ‘ninja’, Allison worked as a special needs assistant in a primary school, then studied Interior Design to work alongside her partner Chris, who is a talented Architectural Draughtsman.  But although Allison’s talents were being put to use, she still didn’t feel fulfilled creatively – her fire was most definitely not being lit!

So how did Allison Daisy Chain all start then?  Well, after her mum passed away Allison felt that she wanted to make the most of her life, and do something that she not only loved but that her mum would have been proud of, and as Allison’s mum had taught her how to crochet, it became Allison’s passion.  After some time, she plucked up the courage to approach a gift shop and asked them if they would be interested in selling her ‘wares’.  To her surprise (and delight) they said yes. She started supplying them with cute little egg cosies, which flew off the shelves.  So she then tried cushions, throws, blankets, hair accessories and jar toppers; all of which sold. And the rest, they say, is history!

Now more than a year on, Allison continues to supply the gift shop with an even larger range of products including baby hampers, table runners and napkins.  She has a website and a Facebook page and offers a bespoke design service too.

I asked Allison what she enjoys the most about being her own boss.  She said that she loves her independence, and being both the designer and creator of her products.  And the least?  She said that she found it a challenge to value her talent and ‘know’ her worth.

When I asked her if she had any advice for would be entrepreneurs, this is what she said, “Don’t rush in, plan and be confident.  I wasn’t very confident at first, but I’m getting there – this business has helped me grow personally more than I could ever have imagined. And lastly, never take anything for granted”.

So, here are the images from our fab day – we talked, we drank copious amounts of coffee, we talked some more and then I remembered to take some photographs ….  Enjoy.

Meet Gypsy …. Allison’s delightful den ….

Here’s Allison, surrounded by crochet loveliness ….

The egg cosy design that started it all ….

Yarns, yarns and more yarns ….

Beautiful bunting ….

Hello again!

Allison is now running crochet workshops and I am planning a return visit to catch all the fun behind the scenes, so watch this space.  Allison can be contacted on 01489 582 670 or 07764 303311, or via email at

Taking photographs of Allison and her workroom was an absolute delight and I am so pleased that I have been able to share them with you, here at TMK.

Love & blue skies

L x


Words:  Louise Bowditch

Photography:  BlueCloud Photography