I love the summer and She Who Should Be Obeyed recently took Jess and I on holiday with her so that we could try some new adventures with her. She made us spend HOURS in the car, with rubbish pit stops where we wouldn’t ‘perform’, which she should have known as it was her that has trained us not to wee or poo when we are on the lead… she never learns.


I got to meet The Sea for the first time. Above are the actual pictures of said meeting. I wasn’t sure at first but once I had given it a good shouting at, and put it in its place, it was great. It needed a bit of tidying up as it has bit of weed and stuff in it, but I love dragging stuff out of the water to the shore so was cool with that. SWSBO complained that my beard smelled of seaweed, but I thought it made me all the more dashing, a kind of cuddly salty sea dog (see what I did there!).

I also got to meet Rosie from TMK and the other TMK Dogs, Tess and Toby. Toby is just like my Jess, all soppy and ears and Tess is huge and shouts more than me! We all got on fine, and Jess and I even let Tess use our beds (while we snuggled down on the sofa!). I say ‘let’ but we didn’t have much choice really and she took up both of them at the same time.


Anyway, while we were there it became apparent that it is now Tick Season. Nasty little things that look like tiny spiders, and then with not so much as a ‘by your leave’, stuff their heads into your soft places and suck your blood until they can’t fit any more into their grossly swollen bodies. Then they drop off and multiply. They make Jess feel really ill. We know when she has one as she behaves all ‘pathetic’, then SWSBO has the job of trying to find it, whip it out with the groovy green gadget from the vets then crush it and flush it. They live in the long grass and wait for you to pass, then hitch a ┬áride for burrowing into you. Here is Toby, taking one for the team by modelling a nice juicy tick and the gadget in operation…

2013-07-07_0001 2013-07-07_0002

Do watch out for them… and beware as they will burrow into the odd human being too. And ones that aren’t so odd. There are lots of ways to get them out, but essentially you mustn’t just pull them as they leave their heads behind and that can lead to infection and SWSBO cursing about money on the way out of the vets. If you use tweasers then twist as you pull. That makes the little things dizzy and they let go. You can suffocate them with Vasoline or squirt them with flea spray. They will drop off if you burn them with a match or cigarette butt, and people will tell you this is a good way to get them off. This I do not recommend as it burns us too, which isn’t fair as we don’t invite them on board. The smell of burning fur isn’t much cop either.

Anyway, I have stuff to bark at and pigeons to creep up on so bye for now! Here’s one more gratuitous holiday snap of me, salty sea dog extraordinaire, looking dapper and devilishly handsome on Skye for you!!


Woofs and licks, Diggers x