We are delighted that Caroline Preston from All by Mama is back for a third guest post. She’s helped us with Valentine’s Day craft and a wonderful Father’s Day bunting project, now it’s time for something to while away the summer holidays. What is most exciting about this craft, is that your creation could be included in a display at The Handmade Fair at Hampton Court Palace! More on this later … On to the craft.

You will Need:

You will need:
15cm x 15cm square paper (this can be plain, patterned or recycled and cut down to  size e.g. the sun and swan are made out of the Yellow Pages!)
Anything you like to add colour

origami, all by mama

Step one: Preparing Paper

Choose your paper and create a 15cm by 15cm square, decorate if required

Caroline Prestoon, origami craft,

Step two: Cutting Paper

Next you can cut your squares (whilst others dry for example) and make a start by folding and cutting each square in half to make two rectangles

origami craft,

Step three: Folding your Rectangles

Fold each rectangle in half long ways, then in half again, see photos. With the folded crease at the top, fold down each edge along the middle line to make a point.

Caroline Preston, origami craft, Step four: Folding Squares

Turn your pointed pieces over keeping the point at the top. Fold the remaining bottom left and right flap corners to the middle to create a square.

origami craft,

Step five: Folding your Triangle

Finally, fold the bottom of your square up to meet the top point which will create a triangle. Then fold these in half again

origami craft, handmade fair, all by mama

Step six: Linking Triangles

To finish, you will find these can slot into each other and link. You now have your triangle unit to build anything with! Take a look online for ideas and instructions. caroline preston, origami

Caroline would love it if you sent her triangles this summer as she is folding two origami swans for The Handmade Fair, Hampton Court Palace and needs 100’s of these triangles with your help!
Contact: carolinepreston@outlook.com
The finished piece will be on exhibition in September as she is teaching in the PaperCraft Tent each day and exhibiting with All By Mama: COME VISIT OUR STAND!