I was the lucky recipient of Green People Organic Children Shampoo and Conditioner to review.

This excited me for two reasons: Firstly, it would be a little kinder to the environment (and let’s face it, given the IPCC report today, ANYTHING we can do is a good thing). ┬áSecondly, both my children suffer from skin irritant problems. My son has eczema and my daughter suffers from cradle cap (even at the age of 8). Nothing to date has solved either problem, not even remedies from my GP.


Nothing Green People use is ‘chemical’. By this, they mean that nothing synthetic is included in their produce. Everything is a natural ingredient. Why is it beneficial to not put ‘toxins’ on your skin? If any toxins go onto your skin, it enters directly into your blood stream as oppose to going via your liver which breaks down toxins when you ingest. Most importantly for me, parabens which are used in a wide range of cosmetics are well known for being a skin irritant. All of Green People products are completely paraben free.

So, what was the shampoo and conditioner like? The first thing my children said was that it smelt like sweets! It does indeed smell gorgeous. What I was more pleasantly pleased by was that you only need a small amount to lather up. A little really did go a long way. Added to this, the conditioner is lovely, and easily applied to long tangly hair.

After washing, the kids hair looked lovely – nice and bright and shiny. It smelt delicious too.

green people, organic children

And what about their skin complaints? Well, we’ve been using it for well over 2 weeks, and my son’s eczema has visibly got better and there has been NO flair up of my daughters itchy scalp.

I’m a convert …