Rowan ColemanI’d like to introduce my wonderful friend, Rowan Coleman. Old school chum, ridiculously talented and prolific novelist and regular visitor and partner-in-crime in these Cornish parts.

This year Rowan has undertaken to send a handwritten letter every week of the year to lucky recipients nominated by her Facebook and Twitter friends. We are delighted to be able to reproduce them here and give her three cheers for the lost art of writing letters by hand.

Her recipients are an eclectic mix: young and old, friends and strangers and mostly people who might enjoy a kind word or some light-hearted advice.

This week, a letter to swimming champion and Olympic medallist, Becky Adlington OBE.

28th February, 2014

“Dear Rebecca,

My name is Rowan Coleman and this year I’m challenging myself to write a letter a week with a pen and paper to people nominated by my Twitter and Facebook friends.

This week, we really wanted to write to you and say THANK-YOU!!

You are a remarkable woman and everything you have achieved through your passion for sport is not only inspirational but so important. In fact, it’s vital. I have a 12 year-old daughter and I am so grateful that there are women like you out there to be her role model. Women who also show what hard work and dedication it takes to turn talent in to excellence.

You are a shining example of this and I thank you for it. In these days of reality TV and the rise and fall of popstars – when style seems to matter more than substance – you show us that courage matters most of all.

Memory BookAnd yet even the strongest and the bravest of us can feel vulnerable and hurt. I’m so sorry that you’ve experienced bullying recently. Please know that the GREAT British public admire and adore you. As I wrote this to you, my daughter came to see what I was up to.

“Oh I LOVE her!”, she said. “She’s AWESOME!” That’s an exact quote.

Thank-you for being the exactly the kind of person I want my children to look up to, in the same way I look up to you – and your rare and special kind.

With all best wishes, Rowan x

(PS. I hope you can read my terrible writing).”

Rebecca Adlington Letter

I would highly recommend following Rowan on Twitter (she is most excellently entertaining) and while you’re at it, follow her on Facebook too.

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