Rowan ColemanThe fourth letter in our series, from Rowan Coleman, talented and prolific novelist and TMK supporter.

This year Rowan has undertaken to send a handwritten letter every week of the year to lucky recipients nominated by her Facebook and Twitter friends. We are delighted to be able to reproduce them here and give her three cheers for the lost art of writing letters by hand.

Her recipients are an eclectic mix: young and old, friends and strangers and mostly people who might enjoy a kind word or some light-hearted advice.


This week, words of advice to a class of children, who don’t like reading.

Dear Kookaburras Class

Your teacher asked me to write to you about reading. Miss Bennett says that some of you DON’T LIKE READING ???!!!!??? This is my shocked face!

Look, I know there are lots of fun things to do these days. There is Minecraft and Angry Birds and Spiderman and Ben 10 and Doctor Who and disco dancing – but reading can be better than all of those things.

Reading is time travel, it is doors into other worlds and universes. When you read, you make magic. You take some ordinary words, all set out in a row by some writer dude and YOU create a world out of them. You invent people and places, see visions and feel emotions that only you can see. You are creating a world of excitement and surprises, laughter and tears. And it’s all because of you.

Before you pick it up, a book is just a pile of words, but YOU make it become a living thing, a strange and wonderful creature that can take you anywhere.

So I want you all to read a book and then write a letter to me and tell me why you loved it. Does that sound OK? Looking forward to reading more books and letters!

Love, Rowan xx

PS. I am a writer dude lady woman.



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