Rowan ColemanThe sixth letter in our series, from Rowan Coleman, talented and prolific novelist and TMK supporter.

This year Rowan has undertaken to send a handwritten letter every week of the year to lucky recipients nominated by her Facebook and Twitter friends. We are delighted to be able to reproduce them here and give her three cheers for the lost art of writing letters by hand.

Her recipients are an eclectic mix: young and old, friends and strangers and mostly people who might enjoy a kind word or some light-hearted advice.


This week, a heartfelt letter to Abigail Bakur, one of the 180 taken from a school in Nigeria.

Dear Abigail Bukar

As I write you this letter, I realise all too dearly that you will perhaps never read it, and yet, I still had to write it to you; your name is the first on the long list of girls stolen from school.

I am writing to you because every day, since the news broke, I have worried and thought about you, and your sisters and friends. I am just one person, without power or influence, but like so many others all around the world, I am thinking of you.

I wish you could know how many millions stand by you, how many people are shouting out your names, demanding that their governments send help, take action, do something to return you all to your families and your school. Every child has a right to childhood. Every girl has a right to education. And we who think, and worry, and hope for you every day since you have been taken, will keep raising our voices, and saying your names, until we make them listen.

Dear Abigail, how I hope and pray that one day you will be able to read this letter.

Love, Rowan Coleman

Bring Back Our Girls


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