Rowan ColemanThe fifth letter in our series, from Rowan Coleman, talented and prolific novelist and TMK supporter.

This year Rowan has undertaken to send a handwritten letter every week of the year to lucky recipients nominated by her Facebook and Twitter friends. We are delighted to be able to reproduce them here and give her three cheers for the lost art of writing letters by hand.

Her recipients are an eclectic mix: young and old, friends and strangers and mostly people who might enjoy a kind word or some light-hearted advice.


This week, words of advice to a friend who completely changed her life.

To My Friend

So you did it. You changed everything. From the outside, it might have looked to everyone else as if things were perfect, like you had life sewn up.

But you knew differently. You see you know about heroines and hard times and happy endings, and you knew you didn’t have yours yet. You could have just accepted life as it was, but you didn’t. You made a choice to strive for what you want, to be your own person, to find happiness on your own terms and no-one else’s. You changed your life completely.

And I know, from personal experience, how hard and how frightening making and living with that choice can be. It’s terrifying, because how do you know that the path you’re choosing will make you happy? How do you know if you are doing the right thing? Well, the answer is you don’t know; you can’t know; until you know. So my friend, think about what you do know. Life wasn’t working for you before and you only have one life. You made the only decision you could. The only one that offered you a chance at finding what you want. You changed everything.

But you are still brilliant, brave and beautiful, still wonderous, wonderful and delightful (I’m out of ‘w’s). You are the hero, the adventurer, the ddreamer and the optimist. You’ve given yourself the best chance at happiness that you possibly can. And that takes courage that no everyone has.

But you do.

Love, Rowan xx



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