As part of their 50th year birthday celebrations the Truly Madly Kids team have been invited by Canvas Holidays to go and stay at one of their holiday sites located throughout Europe and we’re so very excited about it. As you have no doubt deduced from the title we have chosen France, within driving range but far enough from where we live to, hopefully, feel some heat of the sunshine variety.

Although a seasoned traveller I am still petrified of flying and have long been pondering the ‘shall I, shan’t I?’ in regards to packing up the kids and driving through Europe. La Croix du Vieux Pont is located 161 miles from Calais and we’d love to hear from anyone who might be going to the very same place this year. Maybe you’ve already been and have some brilliant tips to give us? We’re first timers so we need all the help we can get!

To build the excitement the kids received a care package from Canvas Holidays with everything we needed to bake a cake and posted below is the results of their efforts. Not too shabby at all!

2015-04-04_0002 Truly Madly Kids Canvas Holidays 2015-04-04_0006 2015-04-04_0008

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Think big and reach for the stars,

Vix x