Santa Christmas CakeChristmas cake can stay on the the countertop for months in this house and nobody will touch it, ever, so this year I decided to try something a little bit different – A hemisphere cake. (cue dramatic duh duh duuuuuhhhhhhhh music)

You can buy the hemisphere cake pans from many places but I bought mine from Lakeland. Due to their rounded shape it is a matter of trial and error to get the most perfectly cooked one – mine took 3 attempts! But perseverance paid off and once I’d turned the oven waaaaaayyyyyyyy down and cooked the cake mixture for twice as long, I eventually had a cake to work with.

Santa Christmas Cake



After the first attempt I then decided that for once I should actually follow a recipe and you can find it HERE – It turned out a lovely, moist cake but the recipe is actually double what you need, given my earlier disaster, however, this came in quite handy when I had to ‘do-over’!

Santa Christmas CakeThere are so many designs you can do with these great pans – Owls – Hedgehogs – Footballs – Ladybirds – Snowmen – Boobs even! In fact here is a picture of a baby shower cake I made last month…Baby Shower CakeSo, let your imagination run wild and show us the results! You can find the Truly Madly Kids gang lurking in all corners of social media so send us a picture or just say hi 🙂

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