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Road trips can be stressful at the best of times, but with kids, it can be even more of an ordeal. Hungry, tired and grumpy children screaming endless repetitions of “Are we there yet?” doesn’t exactly make for a relaxing holiday! So, continue reading to discover six top tips for making sure that your road trip in Italy goes off without a hitch.

1. Schedule breaks

If only it were as easy as driving from Point A to Point B! With children in tow, you need to make sure to schedule in lots of bathroom breaks, but you should also consider places of interest to stop at while en route. This will make the toilet pit-stops less tedious and also help to get you into the holiday mood. Road trips are part of the holiday, so try to incorporate fun activities and attractions into the route you choose, to make the journey just as exciting as the destination itself.

2. Pack spare clothes

Packing an extra outfit for children is essential on medium to long road trips, especially when you are in places such as Italy: land of fantastic gelato! Sticky fingers, spilt drinks and messy food (not to mention accidents of a more natural kind) are a sure-fire way for soiled clothes and uncomfortable kids. Tui recommends also packing a spare pair of shoes, as you never know when an impromptu paddle in the sea might warrant a change of footwear.

3. Have your car serviced

There are few things worse than heading out on a road trip only for the car to break down. You won’t be seeing the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum or Lake Como if you are stuck in the garage, waiting for your car to be fixed. Before leaving home, take your vehicle in for a service. Not only will this ensure no breakdowns, but it will also make your car safer for driving the beautiful but often windy, rural Italian roads.

4. Take entertainment

Entertainment is essential for a quiet, relaxing and fun family road trip. Of course, if you are prepared to spend the entire journey playing spot-the-car or I-Spy, then this won’t be necessary, but portable DVD-players, mobile phones and handheld gaming devices are an easy way to make sure that the adults can get at least a couple of hours of quiet time.

5. Take snacks

Taking crisps, chocolates, sweets and fizzy drinks is a straightforward way to have your kids bouncing off the walls with E numbers and additives! So, make sure to take snacks which are healthy and provide slow-release energy. Great choices for road trip snacks are raisins, bananas and granola bars.

6. Limit the water intake

It is essential that fluid intake is carefully monitored. Too much and you will be stopping every half an hour for a bathroom break, and too little will lead to dehydration. Kids should be having regular sips of water throughout the entire journey, but 40 minutes before restroom stops, they can guzzle to their heart’s content! Just make sure that they don’t have fizzy drinks, or anything caffeinated because aside from having overly energetic kids, you will also have to stop more frequently!