The summer is here! Long, summer nights following beautiful, sunny days (at the time of publishing, we’d just had a mini heatwave!). What better time to seek adventure in the great outdoors! Here, at TMK, we like a bit of adventure – you may recall Rosie’s husband  Woody posting that as long as the erection goes right, camping is a wonderful adventure! Even though, as Penny mentioned, if you think about it, it’s quite ridiculous to sleep under what amounts to a bit of fabric, but it’s brilliant! Therefore, we thought we’d share with you a plethora of reasons why you should get yourselves and kids down to a campsite soon.

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1. Paying for a pitch at a campsite is cheap, someone’s garden or field can mean it’s free!

2. You can go at short notice.

3. You can genuinely enforce no screens (Penny is such an old fart that she had to ask what this meant… phones, Gameboys, iPads etc, you dinosaur!) and the kids adhere as actually, you  know what, running about in the fresh air is more fun.

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4. Penny said it’s totally different to normal life, so it feels like a real break for her.

5. Of course, if it rains, you can come home.

6. You get to buy lots of wonderful kit! Penny particularly likes her pop-up kettle!

7. Not washing is an accepted norm when camping,  Megan’s kids think it’s wonderful they don’t have to shower.

8. Nat thinks it’s the perfect escape – you can really switch off from the digital world and totally relax.

9. Megan’s kids have a postage stamp sized garden in London, so camping in a field gives them a real chance to have proper games of football, cricket and rounders without booting the ball into the neighbour’s gardens!

10. Rosie loves her sleeping bag.

11. Added to that, Rosie loves going to sleep and waking up in a tent.

12. Of course, it’s not just humans who love camping, dogs do too – they even get to sleep next to you as on the colder nights they keep you warm!

13. There’s waking up in the morning, to the dawn chorus.

14. Then Rosie recalls happy memories of padding down through the dewy grass to the beach.


15. We don’t go long at TMK before we think of food, and eating outdoors does just make food taste better somehow?!

16. Vix loves making smores over the campfire.

17. Wheras Megan loves salmon cooked over the campfire, or a good butterflied leg of lamb! All eaten with plastic cutlery of course.

camp fire, camp fire recipes, salmon wrapped in newspaper. campfire recipes. campfire cooking

18. A highlight for us all is sitting round the campfire, and being just as memorised by the fire as the kids are.

campfire, toasting marshmellows

19. Camping is a good excuse to eat BBQ sausages for breakfast according to Rosie!

20. For Megan it’s in the country side, away from urban life.

21. Camping is very sociable, you generally go with friends or you make new ones there!


22. Lastly, Vix likes camping as it makes her appreciate how much she loves hotels!!

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