For the English schools, we are about to head into the long summer holidays, those of you who read in Scotland or America, you are already headlong into them! We all know how wonderful the summer holidays can be: A time to be free from routine! However, it can also be a time when we hear a record amount of times, ‘I AM BORED’! Therefore, us kindly folk at TMK thought we would provide you with a list of wonderful activities that you can do with your children this summer.


1. Go geo caching. Download the free app to your smart phone, check out the caches local to you and get going! Great way to learn to compass read using GPS, get out and explore! What’s better, caches are dotted all over the world – so it soon becomes addictive! Check out our guest blogger and their adventure geocaching.

2. Melissa’s children are getting entrepreneurial this summer and setting up a pop-up shop outside their house. They’ll be selling unwanted toys and crafts they’ve made themselves.

3. As you know, we are quite partial to camping (in fact, we have 22 reasons to go!), but you don’t even have to leave home, set up camp in your back garden.

4. Have yourself a mocktail party! Vix shared her pineapple mocktail recipe to get you started!

pineapple mocktail,

5. Vix also blogged about a great melted crayon picture, which is great to do outdoors during the sunnier months.

melted crayon picture, summer holiday activities

6. Take to the pavements with chalk! Great way to release a bit of creativity, and as soon as the (inevitable) rain comes, it all washes away.

7. If you are near the coast, (or indeed on holiday near the beach!) Melissa recommends going beach combing – it’s amazing what little curiosities you can find. Remember, to leave only your footprints and take only your memories.

kids beach

8. My kids seem to crave ice cream all holiday, so save a few pennies and potentially make your own! Frugal Family has some great ideas for ice lolly recipes

9. Whilst you are camping in the back garden, Melissa also adds that you could have a sausage cook out while you are there.

10. Penny suggests going on a nature walk – download a nature scavenger hunt from Pinterest to get the kids interested and involved.

11. Melissa varies the scavenger hunt with other alternatives – do a matchbox scavenger hunt (thanks to the Scouts for this great resource!).

Nature walk

12. Or how about this 21st century idea? An iPhone scavenger hunt! They have to take pictures of the things they need to find! There are also many apps you can download to create a scavenger / treasure hunt

13. My kids love to bake, and these marshmallow pops were a real winner

14. Water and kids are always a fun mix – fill up the pool and get the sprinklers out. Always passes an afternoon!

15. On the theme of water, Nat suggests seeking out a local lido, or just a trip to the local pool. Many local councils have special sessions for kids during the summer.

16. Don’t forget the timeless classic of just visiting the park. My kids spent a whole summer perfecting the monkey bars

17. Find a fruit picking farm – Nat thinks this is the perfect crowd pleaser. She enjoys it, and the kids love it (beware, they may consume as much as they pick!).

strawberry picking

18. With your bounty from fruit picking, make guest blogger Marc’s jam.

19. Nat’s homemade lemonade is a refreshing drink on a summer’s day – and the kids can help make it

20. Nat suggests making a kite, then taking it out to try and fly it, if nothing else it will provide hilarity!

21. And lastly, with all these wonderful activities, you can make a fabulous scrapbook of all your summer memories.

Summer Field

Have a fantastic summer!


For more activities visit our Pinterest board which is full of great ideas for things to do