Top Ten Posts 2016

2016 was a funny old year: One marred with political divisions and too many celebrity deaths to mention. But it didn’t mean that 2016 wasn’t a good year. There was plenty of good that happened, we have all travelled extensively this year at TMK, and as a blogging collective we have leaned on each other when we’ve needed the support and celebrated our successes. Friendship is at the base of TMK, and this continues to grow

The blog has been well read in 2016, with plenty of new and old readers enjoying it – THANK YOU to you all, we hope that you continue to enjoy the blog in 2017.

For your pleasure, we are re sharing the ten posts you read most in 2016! There’s quite a mixed bunch, with a couple of old posts creeping in as well!

10 – How to Dress Appropriately as a tween

Megan’s latest parenting dilemma was documented in this post: How do you guide your child in fashion choices while they are trying to create their identity? It provided lots of conversation throughout our social media platforms, and it seems lots of parents have the same dilemma!

dressing appropriately as a tween, boohoo clothing for kids, top ten posts

9 – A Family Ski Trip to Whistler

There is nothing like a ski trip for a good dose of family adventure! Megan and her family were lucky enough to travel to Whistler, Canada this year and she shared with you why it is so brilliant to take the family.

whistler, skiing in whistler, family ski holiday to whistler

8 – 42 Things at 40

It was a big year for Megan as she also turned 40! She shared some of her wisdom now she’s into her fifth decade …

40th birthday, life lessons at 40, life at 40, 40 life lessons at 40,

7 – A week in the life of a rescue puppy

Who can resist cute pictures of a puppy? You lot definitely can’t as you read in your 100s about the beautiful puppy Rosie and her family have adopted from Cyprus; one of our most heartwarming posts from last year.

Adopt dont shop, puppy adoption, rescue puppy, rescue dog, cyprus, pointer, jura mix

6 – Katie Morag

Next in our top ten posts, an oldie but a goodie!  This post from 2013 rides high in our charts every year as the timeless classic continues to enthrall children.

Katie Morag

5 – A trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm

Megan often bangs on about how much she loves living in London and started a mini series this year about exploring London. One of her trips took her to a Lavender farm just outside Croydon and her post is full of purple beauty!


4 – How to do Legoland in Half Term

This may be your worse nightmare, but if you’ve got school aged kids, this may be your only option. Megan shares her tips on how to enjoy the park, even at full capacity.

heartlake city legoland windsor, legoland in half terms

3 – Monday Morning in Jordan

It is hard to do this post justice with just a few words. Rosie travelled to Jordan with World Vision to visit the Syrian refugee camps. Her words and her pictures painted a compassionate picture of the huge humanitarian crisis that has unfolded from the conflict in Syria. Please do read this post, it is so incredibly important, and Rosie did the most incredible job of conveying her time there, and so glad it was one of our most read posts in our top ten posts. Her other posts from her trip are the following: Friendships in Adversity and Heartbreakers

Jordan day 2-9

Jordan 1-99

2 – Making Wagamama’s chicken ramen!

What to give the kids for tea is a common occurrence, so this post (another oldie!) has proved ever popular! Megan shares a recipe to make mini chicken ramen at home.

mini chicken ramen, wagamamas, wagamamas at home, kids supper, kids tea, cooking for kids,

1 – Wicked – A Principled Principal!

Megan and her tween loved this show. It has strong production values, but also a great moral to take away.

elphaba wicked

We’d love to know which of our posts you enjoyed the most, and we will see you soon with plenty more posts.

Happy New Year!

Megan, Rosie, Vix, Nat and Melissa X

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